Attention ABSS Payroll users ❌❌❌

ABSS Payroll will be discontinued by 31 Dec 2023. Will be replaced by Financio Payroll.

Denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.

To discern market changes and adapt to technology development and innovation, we present to you Financio Payroll—a cloud-based solution—as the upgraded version of ABSS Payroll. With this upgrade, we will no longer be actively developing and improving the current ABSS Payroll system. The support for this product will come to an end (EOS) on 31st December 2023.

Henceforth, all future updates and technical support for this product will be provided in our new cloud platform, Financio Payroll. In accordance with the EOS, the activation and confirmation process for ABSS Payroll will be discontinued from 31st December 2023.

Financio Payroll is a web based with mobile apps. Online and accessible by all employees. Modules: Payroll, Leave, Claims & Attendance. Employee have access to their payslips, apply leave and claims using mobile apps. Convenience at your fingertips.

It’s time to start preparing your Financio Payroll now. So you can start full use on January 2024.

Avoid last minute preparation. Get a smooth transition from now.

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February 14, 2021