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Why use ABSS Campus Edition?

Great Students Head Start

400,000 SME Users in Asia

400,000 SME Users in Asia

Unlimited Installation in Campus

Training for Lecturers

Dedicated Account Managers

Provide Education the right way.


ABSS is the leading SME business solutions provider across Asia. Our services are widely used across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and more than a dozen other countries. ABSS is a developer and leading supplier of ABSS branded accounting software and supports Asian SMEs with a wide range of products and services. We provide tools to simplify desktop & cloud accounting management, ePayments, eCommerce, accounts receivable and more.

We have accumulated more than 100,000 SME users in Malaysia; with a wide spread covering more than half of the SME businesses in South Asia. Our brand is a staple to home grown and corporate businesses alike. With our internationally recognised brand and usage, ABSS Campus Edition would be the perfect software to accompany your business accounting course.

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