Dear Customers,

We want to offer our customers the best service possible. In order to do this, from time to time, our
Sunset Policy requires revising. This means that some of our older production versions will no longer
be supported by our technical team.
By focusing our team on our latest versions means we can offer greater levels of expertise and
The table below indicates which versions are affected, you may continue to use your existing
software as per usual, but our technical support team will no longer be able to support you for these
kinds of requests:
• Repair or recover your corrupted business datafile
• Increase the number of user licenses or number of datafiles
• Retrieve or reset the master administrator password when you have forgotten, misplaced or
changing of PIC
• Generate site key for RetailManager
• General technical support issues
If you are currently a Premium Cover or Upgrade Cover customer, make sure you upgrade your
software to the latest version to avoid any disruption. Customers on the latest and supported
versions will not be impacted.
Should you have any question, please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions.

*Updated on 6th September 2022