Starting from 17 Aug 2020, all confirmation of ABSS data file, you must submit this form below. Later you will receive an email with a link.

Please click on this link to fill up the form

The new Activation & Confirmation (A&C) process with email verification will help protect against potential piracy issues and improve security. A&C is requested every 90 days to ensure you are using a licensed version. In this new A&C process, users are required to provide their company contact information through the A&C webpage in order to activate and confirm their data files.

In this new process, the user will receive the A&C webpage link via email to fill up company contact details. In the final step, the user is required to confirm their email address to complete the process. Kindly ensure you provide a valid email address.

The below video explains the user journey.

Frequent Ask Questions

  Answer: Users need to repeat the new email verification process every 90 days.

Answer: Not necessary. In the initial email verification, the user will need to enter the full company information required. For subsequent email verification, which is after 90 days, the user will only need to update if there are any changes in the information submitted earlier. For A&C, is a regular process that may fall due anytime, as long email verification is done, A&C can be done anytime as usual.

Answer: No, the email verification is once every 90 days for one serial number. 

Answer: Users are required to fill up information of the owner company that the registered serial number is registered with ABSS.

Answer: If you are the 1st time user to the new process, you will receive a notification email 14 days before and another reminder at 7 days before the serial number is blocked.

 Answer: For the initial A&C (first A&C attempt), users are required to call our customer service at +603-79890599 (Malaysia, Hong Kong, and International) or +65 6505 6582 (Singapore) for assistance.

Users will need to provide a valid email address to proceed. In the subsequent A&C process, users will encounter a fail attempt again, and A&C server will automatically send the A&C email based on the last saved email for the user to process the A&C.

 If you did not receive the A&C email, please check your spam/junk mail folder to be sure that our emails are not being detected as spam. If you’re still not receiving the confirmation email, please call ABSS customer service for further assistance.

 Answer: With effect from 17 Aug 2020, ABSS IVR confirmation services will be discontinued by stages.  Users that are due for the A&C will only be able to perform it online via internet services instead.